Polycom Advantage Service

Change your perspective on value-added support services step by step

Change your perspective on value-added support services

When your unified communications environment is growing in size, span and complexity, it becomes more difficult to manage your videoconferencing investments effectively, to leverage the latest features as they become available and to ensure the best possible user experience.

But those initiatives are still imperative to the success of your video collaboration solutions.

For large or growing organizations, Polycom Advantage Service is the first step to solving those challenges. Advantage Service provides valuable and actionable information on the status and utilization of your collaboration solution, and faster time to problem resolution.


Key benefits of Polycom Advantage Service:

  • Provides insight into your video usage to help make timely and informed decisions
  • Increases the success and return on investment of your video collaboration products
  • Gives priority access to experts and support when you need it

Optional services to consider in addition to Advantage:

Business Critical Support (BCS)

Intended to provide the highest level of response and resolution for organizations seeking the maximum degree of video network performance. BCS provides access to a specialized team of Poly technical, managerial and administrative experts who can rapidly diagnose problems when they occur, and provide quality analysis of underlying causes of critical issues which may impact your business. The BCS module includes software version update and upgrade recommendations, as well as notification of any published security issues that could potentially affect your Polycom solution.

Business Relationship Management (BRM)

Business Relationship Management (BRM) is available for customers seeking post-implementation support and Poly assistance to grow, manage, and optimize their Polycom investment. The module is delivered through a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) who serves as the non-technical management interface to a designated customer representative for all Polycom service program activities.

Infrastructure Remote Monitoring (IRM)

Provides higher reliability and uptime for mission critical Polycom RealPresence solutions, and decreased demand on your internal IT resources. By creating and improving tools to allow for greater scalability and predictive operational intelligence, your infrastructure continues to improve through use of the service.  IRM is delivered by Poly’s Cloud Management Center and provides always-on 24x7 remote monitoring of Polycom Infrastructure products, allowing for faster problem identification and resolution with minimal or no customer involvement.

Remote Technical Support Engineer (RTSE)

Helping customers maintain their Polycom solution, and achieve desired response and reliability goals when technical assistance is required. The RTSE acts as the customer’s primary technical point of contact, has immediate access to our knowledge base, and is backed by 24x7 remote expertise including tier 3 technical support, research and development, lab systems, and management escalation support to ensure a high level of support and response times.

RTSE is available to customers that maintain an active support program on their Polycom solution. Assigned as part of a customized Day 2 support program for customers seeking a closer technical relationship with Polycom.

Technical Account Management (TAM)

A proactive, personalized support program developed for enterprise accounts with mission critical Polycom solutions that are seeking a consultative relationship with Poly. The goal of your assigned Technical Account Manager is to help you grow, manage and optimize your Polycom investment and achieve your desired business outcomes. Poly’s TAM teams understand your Unified Communications and Collaboration environment and will build a long-term business relationship by providing technical consulting and best practices that help you grow, manage and optimize your Polycom investment.

Polycom Advantage Service includes the following deliverables:

  • Analytics on video utilization and benchmarking
  • Priority 24x7 telephone support and access to technical experts
  • Software upgrades and updates
  • Advance parts replacement*
  • Access to online support tools
  • The option of adding onsite support from a customer service engineer during business hours

*Advance parts replacement involves the shipment of parts the same business day for service requests received prior to the local, shipment cut-off time. Delivery is intended for the next business day, but is subject to customs and other external logistics delays.


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