Silver Chain

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  • High quality care delivered to remote areas
  • Less travel time and cost for patients
  • In-home specialist advice regularly provided
  • Clinical training delivered simultaneously to different areas

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Polycom connects the Silver Chain Group to remote healthcare patients

Silver Chain began as a small district nursing service in Australia's largest state, Western Australia, which covers almost one third of the country. Over 100 years later the organization is one of the largest providers of community, clinical and health care services assisting over 40,000 people each year in Western Australia.

The sheer distances involved in servicing such a large area posed significant challenges for Silver Chain. They needed a way to use technology to connect patients, nurses and clinicians in a faster, more personal and cost-effective manner. With their adoption of Polycom's innovative video solutions, Silver Chain can now seamlessly deliver care, regardless of the distance.

Real-time access to specialist support and advice

With such a large state and many people to assist, Silver Chain is unable to place specialists in each area. Through the use of the Polycom RealPresence Mobile app on tablets and smartphones, patients are able to connect to required specialists, who can view injuries and monitor medication adherence--all from the comfort of their own home without having to travel long distances to receive treatment in person.

Provision of ongoing training

Silver Chain is now able to provide ongoing training and distribute relevant training materials to its nurses and volunteers across Western Australia, all from the company's head office in Osborne Park. "Training has been revolutionized" says Sharon Boxall, Silver Chain Clinical Nurse Specialist. This provides consistent communication to Silver Chain staff and therefore the best outcome in patient treatment. In addition, due to the remote locations of some of their staff, having visual communication with peers means they don't feel so isolated and can receive the support they need face-to-face.

Given the organization's number one objective is to provide quality care to home patients, video collaboration has played a critical role in making this goal a reality. It has driven considerable behavioural changes in the way Silver Chain's wide network of nurses and volunteers deliver patient care, as well as significant cost savings. "There is no doubt it's delivered considerable benefits in terms of travel costs and time" says Silver Chain CIO, Lee Davis.

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