Oak Lawn Marketing

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  • Owns customer-focused consumer brand, Shop Japan
  • Global, real-time collaboration
  • Open space office

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Collaborate to Enrich Lifestyles Worldwide

Oak Lawn Marketing is a branding and media company that connects with its customers through its consumer brand, Shop Japan. Shop Japan sells products through various channels, including television, mobile, Internet and catalogue. Oak Lawn Marketing's vision of "Enriching Lifestyles Worldwide" applies not only to customers, product partners and shareholders (NTT Docomo Group), but to also their employees and society as a whole.

In a competitive retail market, Oak Lawn Marketing realized that its legacy video conference system could no longer keep up with the company's growing need for an immediate connection. With offices and call centers spread throughout Japan, employees depend on high-definition voice and video and Microsoft Lync to collaborate across islands (from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in Honshu Island to Sapporo in Hokkaido Island and Fukuoka in Kyushu Island) and overseas.

Executive staff and departments across the company are able to have internal and external meetings over a secure network. Marketing uses video to share how training and product roll-outs should be handled in the call centers. Finance verifies figures for sales, order statuses and other important numbers over video. Human resources interviews potential candidates through video.

The organization can now communicate easier in real-time and join the conversation from anywhere. "We were concerned there might be a reduction in business efficiency if email was the main form of communication," explains Akihisa Katsumata, deputy director of information technology of Oak Lawn Marketing. "We decided to bring together all of our internal lines with Microsoft Lync."

The company also uses Microsoft Lync for its external lines and has an innovative use for handsets. "When visitors arrive, they can contact employees directly using a VVX 500 phone at the reception because it is integrated with Lync," shares Tomohiro Toyoda, information technology division of Oak Lawn Marketing.

In addition to voice and video collaborative solutions, Oak Lawn Marketing incorporates Steelcase furniture to their offices. "We want to have meetings in an open space where everyone can join the conversation," says Yuki Kawai, deputy director of human resources and general affairs of Oak Lawn Marketing. "As a result, many people can participate in meetings, which sparks new ideas."

Distributing a laptop to all employees and the free address system of the organization allow employees' individual activities to be seen rather than to being categorized based on the departments they belong to.

For employees who are not working in the office, the flexibility of collaborative solutions help them stay productive. "With a system like RealPresence, you can be on a mobile device at home or on the road and still be actively involved in meetings," describes Justin Dart, brand strategist at Oak Lawn Marketing. "My entire team has the option of working from anywhere and joining a meeting regardless of where they are."