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Human capital is the new source of competitive advantage that organizations are focusing on. However, over 66% of human resources leaders cite technical and leadership gaps as challenges for their organizations. Empower your human capital strategies with Polycom. Enhance talent development, employee engagement and talent retention with video-enabled business applications.

Learn how HR leaders can leverage on video-enabled business applications to empower their human capital strategies.

Expand the Talent Pool By Attracting Globally Dispersed Employees

The best companies know that top talent can be located anywhere in the world, and they must widen their talent development and acquisition strategies accordingly:

  • 14 of the 100 best companies to work for have over 50% of employees outside the US
  • 27 of the 100 best companies to work for have over 25% of employees outside the US

Polycom allows companies to focus on building the best teams with the best employees from around the world. Smith Group uses Polycom for HR interviews across 400 locations and 50 countries to help them identify and retain the right human capital. Once employed, it brings this global company together.

Managers and team members for global organizations are often in different time zones. By leveraging Polycom collaboration solutions you can support high levels of engagement for dispersed teams – to give them the same collaboration feeling as interacting face-to-face.

Reduce Recruitment Time

Online video is an integral part of the hiring process for countless domestic and international companies. Its use jumped an astounding 320% from 2010 to 2011, because the video interview process provides superior results:

  • 95% talent retention rate for candidates chosen through an online video interview process
  • 54% of employees screened through video interviewing achieved goals on time as opposed to 43% hired the traditional way
  • 82% of candidates chosen via video interviews delivered 12-month milestones on time

Mining and steel production company OAO Severstral utilizes Polycom video to host panel style interviews with participants around the globe. This allows stakeholders to vet new candidates in a more thorough style and find the right fit for their global organization.

Besides being more effective, video interviewing is less costly, resulting in as much as a 67% savings in travel expenses.

Reduce New Employee Onboarding Time

When HR leaders spark a transformation by involving live video interaction, they're able to facilitate better employee onboarding by:

  • Reducing scheduling complexities and eliminating travel
  • Creating an effective employee training and development environment for remote participants through integrated video and content sharing
  • Allowing geographically dispersed employees to achieve critical mass for training sessions
  • Recording individual sessions for on-demand playback and subsequent new employee onboarding

Secure Talent

50% of all hourly workers end up leaving new jobs within the first four months, while half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months.

A growing number of companies are improving talent retention by using integrated video, audio, and content collaboration to:

  • Support home or remote office work and flexible working as incentive beyond an increase in pay
  • Improve employee engagement by creating more productive work environments
  • Establish mentorships - disregarding geographical location
  • Improve training and development by offering on-demand and remote access to live video sessions

Develop Talent through Training

HR leaders rank “growing talent internally” as one of their top strategies to meet the human capital challenge - and for good reason! According to a study from Bersin & Associates, when organizations develop strong learning cultures they are:

  • 92% more likely to develop novel services and products
  • 56% more apt to be first in market
  • 53% more effective at responding to customer needs

The time and cost associated with planning and implementing training can be great; up to 50 percent of all training budgets go towards planning and administration costs. Polycom customer Lincoln Fire and Rescue saw a 66% increase in training efficiency through video collaboration.

Video collaboration enables organizations to deliver interactive, face-to-face training sessions to a widespread audience without the planning, travel, and logistics issues associated with on-site courses.

Drive Performance by Engaging Employees

According to a Wainhouse Research/Polycom survey, 87% of remote workers say video conferencing allows them to feel more connected to their colleagues. This is a key statistic, when you consider that 70% of today's workers say they don't feel engaged at work.

Polycom video collaboration solutions can significantly enhance employee engagement and performance, while fostering secure communication across all networks and devices.

Industry Trends

Human Resources now has a human face. And global reach.

It's a big world out there, full of great candidates. Now it's easier than ever to find and interview them. Because with Polycom solutions, the constraints of geography, time and travel no longer stand in the way of you adding value to your company's biggest expense: peoplepower

With Polycom solutions, the world is your classroom. Now training can go beyond the office to international, face-to-face interactions full of content that lead to better instruction, collaboration and retention. You can even ask "guest experts" to join you, virtually, from anywhere.

of a communication's impact comes from facial expressions and body language.1
Polycom solutions give you virtually everything you'd expect from an in-person interview: body language, audio nuances, even eye contact—minus the jet lag, downtime and travel expense.

Employees with the flexibility to work outside the office are more content and more productive. They also spend less time commuting which means more time on the job, and a smaller carbon footprint. "Flex-appeal" is also a good way to attract top talent to your organization.
Flexible working improves employee productivity by as much as2

SOURCES 1 Heathfield, Susan M. 2005. "Listen with Your Eyes: Tips for Understanding Non-Verbal Communication." Humanresources.about.com. 2 2010. "Work-Life Balance and the Economics of Workplace Flexibility." Executive Office of the President Council of Economic Advisors. Whitehouse.gov. 3 Mayo, William. 2013. "Leading Authentically: What Does It Mean to Lead on the "People Side" of Business? What Is an Authentic Leader?" Authorbillmayo.wordpress.com.

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