Polycom Solutions for Collaborative Government


Government departments and agencies around the world grapple with budget pressures caused by tax revenue shortfalls, an environment of spiraling costs, and increasing demands from citizens. They have to do more with less, and improve their service, responsiveness, efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

A collaborative approach promotes greater interaction and engagement between governments and their stakeholders. This gives citizens on-demand access to better quality services...no matter where those citizens are located.

Polycom RealPresence Voice and Video Solutions enable government agency representatives and citizens to communicate easily and effectively, from anywhere to anywhere. This improves public services, increases departmental efficiency and responsiveness, and promotes inter-agency collaboration.

--- Ministry of Science and Technology executives across China conducted 175 strategic review meetings over four days using Polycom RealPresence Video Solutions. Travel costs saved -- $US320,000.

-- Korea Correctional Facilities for the Ministry of Justice have used Polycom RealPresence Solutions to deliver telehealth services to female prisoners. As a result, they have improved care and reduced costs.

-- Lake Travis Fire Rescue near Austin, Texas, uses Polycom video conferencing to deliver training simultaneously to five fire stations. They’ve been able to maintain a highly trained company while responding quickly to local emergencies.

Citizen Services

Polycom solutions enable Governments to improve the access, quality, and equity of public services.

Video-enabled kiosks, smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, and room-based conferencing solutions are being used  as face-to-face communication channels and service delivery points between government agencies and citizens. This is offering the government a new way to improve services and organize and deliver information.

Justice Services

Learn how Polycom solutions can help justice organizations reduce security risks, expand staff expertise, improve public safety, decrease operational and capital costs, increase re-entry success rates, provide better education and improve inmate health.

Emergency Management

Polycom RealPresence Voice and Video Solutions enable government agency representatives and citizens to communicate and be informed, especially during times of emergency. This improves public services, increases departmental efficiency, emergency responsiveness, and promotes inter-agency collaboration critical at that time.

National Security

Learn about the range of Polycom solutions that can help governmental organizations address national defense, internal security, border security and other national security issues.


Benefits of Collaborative Government

  • Increased access, equity, and quality of citizen and human services in urban and rural areas
  • Improved emergency management in times of crisis, ensuring rapid response, recovery, and reconstruction
  • Enhanced justice services, brought about by reducing security risks and caseloads while improving inmate services and re-entry
  • Strengthened national security and defense, through situational awareness
  • Reduced costs and carbon emissions, helping a government comply with budgetary and environmental mandates


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